Software Development Company in Ranchi

As a leading software development company in Ranchi, we are equipped to provide you with unparalleled software development services at every stage of your project. We go above and beyond when it comes to getting your solution to the market.

We offer versatile collaboration models and reasonable pricing options so we can surpass your expectations and business goals. We have achieved an enviable reputation for excellence in the industry for letting our esteemed clients gain a competitive edge over their business rivals through our software development services whose ‘quality’ remains unequalled in every sense of the word.

Backed by a team of highly qualified and competent software developers and industry professionals with years of relevant IT experience under their belts, we have what it takes to deliver optimum results to our clients. These professionals, with a common bent of mind, share one common goal: to offer you a tailored, comprehensive solution for software development.

A Tailored, Comprehensive Solution for Software Development

Are you likely to launch a start-up project? Have an innovative idea for a custom software solution for your company? Or, engaged in the development of software product of your company? No matter the reason, Tripledots Software Services Pvt. Ltd has you covered.

Tripledots - A Go-to Destination for Software Development Services

We are the only go-to destination for software development services and platform that offers the most practical solution to clients. We are the leading software development company in Ranchi that takes immense pride in working with top MNCs (Multinational Companies) and SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises); thus, providing them with customized software development as per their requirements.

At Tripledots, We have successfully built software for diverse sectors, including Real Estate, Tours & Travels, Health, Schools, Educational Institutions, and more. Our swift, reliable, and effective software development enables the organization to ascend to the highest level of proficiency so it can attain the maximum returns possible.

With the consistent use of Microsoft .Net Application Development, our expert team utilizes its fusion of skills, knowledge, and experience to develop, incorporate, and design numerous .NET applications to assist clients with their business application solutions. With the implementation of this (.NET) framework, we have not only created, but developed a myriad of robust, scalable, and interactive web applications for our clients.

What Do We Offer?

As a software development company in Ranchi, we have witnessed the revolution in Technology and other technologies with respect to the Internet. Not everyone in this business comes equipped with the right infrastructure, knowledge, and employees to stand out from the competition. That’s exactly where we step in! Getting the right knowledge from the right people at the right time is what you should place greater emphasis on, if you are looking to achieve greater heights of success.

Here’s what we offer our clients:

1. Full Stack Development

Our qualified developers with technical expertise are familiar with every layer of software development. They have the ability to take a concept and have it turned into a finished product.

2. Custom Software Development

Tripledots offers services for custom software development, including Web-based, Mobile-based, Desktop based, and more. We fulfil our client’s requirement considering the current market needs.

3. Web-Based Platform Development

We’ve created a list of some of the outstanding web development platforms as well as frameworks to meet our client’s specific needs.

4. API Development

Web services play a very crucial role in any application these days, which is why our team specializes not only in web services but API development as well.

Our team at Tripledots is comprised of software developers, coders, and programmers work with you to understand your requirements and demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft .NET framework to deliver software that you need for your business.

Features of Our Custom Software Development

Listed below are some unique features of custom software development.

  • Dedicated Team
    We allocate a team comprising of dedicated and experienced professionals to implement all the projects concerning software development. This type includes a project manager, software developers, UI designer, and testers. The project manager will be with you right from the project execution until its completion.
  • Easy to Use
    As the most trusted and reputable Software Development Company in Ranchi, we take your target audience into account while designing your custom software. Our expert team makes sure the required information can effortlessly be accessed in the least possible clicks in the software.
  • Seamless Communication with Your Team
    After project confirmation, we connect with your in-house team of software developers and others on a regular basis through Google Meet. That way, we are able to capture the feedback of our client at regular intervals.
  • Compatible with Your Current Systems
    We incorporate our software with the current digital system of the client. That way, both systems can work hand-in-hand without hassles. Not only does it avoid redundancies but it also facilitates the management of information.
  • Confidentiality
    We sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) agreement with all our valued clients so we can keep their confidential information safe. Our team goes the extra mile when it comes to taking exceptionally great care of the information.
  • Training
    We ensure each software delivery is accompanied by meticulous training. And we do a screen-by-screen review of the system to assure the most optimum results. We give proper guide training to your team so it can use it as per requirements.
  • Security and User Access
    All of your crucial data is not only saved but accessed via secure channels. People with the right clearance are able to use or access the data.
  • Support
    Post-delivery of the software, we carry out the maintenance activities on your system. You can get in touch with our accessible team at any time in case you face any challenge in the process.

Our Technology Stack

Being an inseparable part of the cut-throat competition makes us stay abreast of the latest trends in technology. We analyze your requirements so we can easily identify the technologies best suited for your software development project. Our control over futuristic technologies makes the best software development company in Ranchi.

Programming Languages - HTML, HTML5, XML, ASP, VB/JavaScript, ASP.NET, and PHP

Database – MS Access, MySQL, and SQL

Web Design and Graphic Design Tools – Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw

Our 7 Steps of Software Development Process

In the software development service, we employ several various software development models. However, it depends on the development team and the project to be accomplished. The process, which is integrated evidently, classifies the steps of the SDLC (short for Software Development Life Cycle). In other words, it is an extremely organized process with accurate procedures and stringently defined steps.

Whenever you need a software-suite, sophisticated system, or end-user web or mobile app, your excellent project delivery significantly depends on a set of processes practiced by the agile development team.

The process of software development undergoes various steps that every company follows. Read on to study these steps to know how the ideal software is developed.

1. Analysis

At Tripledots, we perform a detailed analysis of the software so we can clearly identify our client’s overall requirement. This step plays an indispensable role when it comes to ensuring software works the way it should be at the end.

2. Design

Once we are done with software analysis, the designing step takes over, which is mainly developing the architecture of the project. This helps us get rid of all the possible flaws by setting a standard.

3. Development

Our skilled and knowledgeable software developers commence the actual software development process. The required elements and functionalities of the software are created in this stage.

4. Testing

In this stage, the software is evaluated for errors. We fix bugs (if any). The testing stage is helpful to ensure the quality assurance (QA) factor of the software we develop for our client. Our team carries out process and product audits together with testing during development and prior to making the delivery of the software. Also, we perform unit testing to ensure your product is not exposed to bugs.

5. Implementation

This stage is critical for running the developed software, which is assessed by every stakeholder. This is to make sure the client is completely satisfied with the software developed for their project.

6. Maintenance

Once the software passes through every stage mentioned above without any hassles, we follow the maintenance process in which it will not only be maintained but upgraded from time to time. Doing so allows us to adapt to certain changes.

We maintain software created by our knowledgeable and proficient developers with technical acumen to set major updates, fix issues, and enhance functionality with changing times. This is for the effective use of software for clients and we ensure the system runs seamlessly.

It all starts with a great, creative idea. Before it can be implemented, it needs to be painstakingly thought over. Careful planning is not the primary but one of the core phases of software development. This is because it assumes determining the project scope, defining methods and techniques for the new system to meet business objectives.

Why Partner with a Professional Software Development Company?

As a professional software development company in Ranchi, we understand that technology is at the heart of contemporary commerce and software is existent in virtually every aspect of life but especially in business. For all those business owners who are looking to invest in technology, the idea of creating an in-house software development team might seem enticing but there are obstacles that can occur.

With numerous competitors competing to win customers, effective software development has never been more crucial, regardless you are a start-up or an established entrepreneur. It makes sense to outsource the experience and expertise required to a trusted software development company in Ranchi that is equipped with everything that’s needed to build scalable, interactive, robust, and compatible software.

Listed below are some of the most significant benefits of working with a software development company.

1. Flexibility

Working with a software development company is going to benefit you immensely because of the flexibility it offers to every client. These companies work as an extension of your in-house team and work meticulously on your projects.

2. Vast Resources

A custom software development services providing firm owns a considerable amount of resources that helps in effectively executing the entire software development process. Many companies hire these services as they access to various resources that help them in software development.

3. Team of Professionals

A leading company will always have a team of professionals available at your disposal. These professionals have the necessary skills, required knowledge, and years of experience in diverse software technologies. That way, they are able to build custom software as per client requirements.

4. Project Management

A software development company in Ranchi does not only write code for your project but it also deals with the given task and works together with the internal team. The project or development phase of your software or project becomes easier when you have a reliable software development firm working with you every step of the way.

The company consistently organizes the meetings to ensure that everyone involved in software development is aware of at which stage the project is. The company allocates an experienced project manager who keeps an eye on everything – from client communication to meeting the project deadline.

5. Latest Trends and Technologies

To stay one step ahead of the competition, every company works with up-to-the-minute technologies. Also, it implements development methodologies for your project. These organizations are continuously growing and enhancing the techniques as well as TAT (Turn around Time). They keep abreast of the latest trends in technology, current software, and new programming languages. And that’s how they are able to provide their clients with up-to-date solutions.

By using the best software development services, you will always remain in the advantageous position. Tripledots software services Pvt. Ltd provides you outstanding software development services so you can obtain a premium-quality solution for your business at competitive rates.

Contact us if you want us to help your business through software development. We can build custom software, web applications, and software solutions.

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